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3 months and counting

Posted by on November 21, 2013

Brief updates on life with Meghan and the other kiddos…

Meghan is making great strides every week.  She’s becoming more secure, more confident.  She’s happier, more interactive, and more trusting.  She’s also more likely to throw little fits when she doesn’t get her way – or start squawking if she thinks we haven’t been paying enough attention to her.  All of our initial therapy evaluations are complete, and we are nearly done with first rounds of specialists – only lacking the neuro-ophthalmologist and dentist (really not looking forward to the dentist!).  OT & PT weekly, speech therapy twice a week, feeding therapy twice a week.  She will be getting tubes in her ears soon, and will have a sedated hearing test at the same time – as she miserably failed her initial hearing test.  I wasn’t at all surprised that she failed the hearing test, because it comprised of playing all sorts of random noises and watching to see whether she reacted to them.  As a child who grew up surrounded by non-stop noise, she’s learned to tune out quite a bit.  She does respond to her name, however, and LOVES musical toys.  To me those are good signs that she is hearing.  She’s also babbling like crazy, her favorite word being “gobble, gobble, gobble…”  We aren’t sure why she says it (she’s definitely not mimicking turkey noises, just babbling), but one of our favorite things to do is say “What does the turkey say, Meghan?” when she starts gobbling.  I never claimed to not be easily amused. 😉  She is getting closer and closer to walking – she’s pulling up and cruising, and EAGER to move independently – but I also think she’s leery to trust her own strength and abilities.  She will be fitted for leg braces soon, but mainly because she likes to throw her knees backward and lock them to stabilize herself.  Because she’s hypotonic, her knees bend backward – and we want to make sure this doesn’t become an issue.  The braces will help with that.  PT feels like they won’t be a long-term thing however.

The other kids are doing very well, and truly enjoy their little sister.  I am flabbergasted by the lack of time I have these days.  I knew life would be busy, but I feel like I’m running 99 MPH all. day. long. between appointments, schooling, housework, cooking, and so forth.  I keep thinking about blogging, but by the time I have 30 seconds of free-time it’s 9:30 at night and all I want to do is sit down with a cup of tea and let my mind wander.  I can hardly put together a cohesive thought, much less type a cohesive sentence.  (to all my friends I owe emails: sorry!).  I wouldn’t change any of this for the world – we feel so blessed to have her in our lives – but it is a BUSY time.  I am so thankful that 90% of our friends seem to understand and accept that it’s nothing personal when we say “I’m so sorry, I really CAN’T help with x, y, z…”  A time and a season….and this is definitely the time & season to focus on what’s happening inside these four walls here at home…or the four walls of the doctors offices/therapists/hospitals/van (do vans have walls?)

I’m asked quite a bit about China.  What the orphanage was “really” like, what Maria’s House of Hope was like.  What China itself was like.  I will say, it was one of the most overwhelming, intense times of my life.  Wonderful in OH so many ways, but we were so ready to come back to the familiarity of home.  As for what an orphanage is really like, all I can say is life-changing.  I essentially shutdown emotionally during our tours, because the enormity of it is so….well, enormously overwhelming.  One of our guides said “You look like a deer stuck in headlights.”  It wasn’t something I could process as I was experiencing it.  There were three little ones that really captured my heart, and I think of them often.  One in particular would be SUCH a blessing to a mama and baba (well, they all would, but this gal – ohmygoodness….).  I know she’s got a file available, but have no idea where she is, as she’s not on the shared list.  We are also asked often if we are ever going back to China.  I truly hope to some day.  I know this isn’t the time or season to rush into another adoption.  The adoption process itself was exhausting – and there is so much going on at home with helping Little Miss.  But some day, I would like to go back.  Not sure what we’d DO when going back (volunteering? adopting? sight-seeing? living?) but yes, I want to go back.

I’m really content with this life we’re living.  It’s streamlined and simplified.  I’m trying to be truly “present” with the kids – less time focusing on other people, other things, computer screens… We have taken a very relaxed approach to homeschooling this year, and I am ADORING it.  Reading, game-playing, more reading, discussion, lots of kid-led project-building.  Certain rooms inevitably look as though a whirlwind came through, but I love seeing signs of activity and purposeful busy’ness.  I know some day those signs will be gone – so I’m going for embracing them.  But it’s good stuff.  Exhausted out of my ever-loving mind, but happy.   Haven’t been out on a date with hubby since China – but seriously, climbing the Great Wall? Visiting jade factories? Eating Chinese food day-in-and-day-out?  And coming home with a living, breathing, thriving, growing, incredible “souvenir”?  That’s the kind of date that could tide me over for a lifetime.

So, while it’s been a couple months since I’ve blogged – suffice it to say life is good, Meghan’s doing well, kids are great, and – exhausted though I am – we are all quite happy and content. 🙂

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