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Forest: The First Four Days

Posted by on October 14, 2015

Part One – because I’m too tired to do all four days in one fell swoop. Also, I’m posting from my phone and can’t rotate pictures I’m uploading. So there’s that too.

We’ve been on limited Internet the whole time we’ve been gone, and still working on the whole VPN thing so I can access Facebook – but I can recap our last four days here. 🙂 Life with a new and rambunctious 4 year old is leaving us worn out without a ton of time for Internet and blogging. But here goes.


Day One – Forever Family Day

Sun Fu Yan was scheduled to arrive at our hotel room on Sunday afternoon, Oct 11, at 2pm. We’d gotten into Jinan LATE the night prior, so spent Sunday morning doing important stuff like finding the nearest source of bottled water, diapers, and snacks. Finally found a place called “16 Celebration” and stocked up. Walked back to our hotel room and waited.

A few minutes before 2, I got a text from another traveling family that Forest had been taken to their room by mistake! So – he was on his way to ours.

The doorbell rang shortly thereafter and we were poised with video camera and photos ready to go. My husband opened the door, Forest looked us in the eyes – and BOLTED down the hall away from us, whimpering, crying, and fussing. He was terrified.


After some cajoling and encouragement, the nanny and our guide were able to talk him in to coming in. He sat on the sofa, but made it very clear he did not want to stay. We encouraged him to play with some of the toys we’d brought – including a mini MagnaDoodle. He took it, and wrote out all his numbers, 1-9. He pulled out the backpack he’d brought and showed us his 37 printed photographs the orphanage had printed for him. They wanted him to remember where he’d come from, if he ever asked. They included his Forever Family Cake Party with some of his little orphanage friends, with him wearing a party hat and Playboy Bunny shirt. China is silly sometimes. 🙂


When it was time for the nanny to leave, he picked up his backpack to leave with them. I picked him up – and he screamed, kicked, scratched, and punched me. He was scared to death and having none of it. It absolutely broke our hearts. The nanny promised him if he spent the day with us he would be able to see her tomorrow (which was true). We went to get official pictures taken, and then came back to the hotel room.

The rest of that day was a blur. He was a bit manic and intense and wild, with bouts of sweetness. We walked to McDonalds for dinner and got him a Happy Meal. He LOVED the sweet and sour sauce and ate his fries with it, smeared it on his hamburger, and then licked the packet clean. He used the packets as little race cars and crashed them into each other – sound effects and all.

Walked back to the hotel room and he enthusiastically picked out SpiderMan pajamas, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and crawled into bed with his backpack, and with his shoes on. He rocked himself to sleep and was out in minutes.


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