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Who’s NOT the Crazy One?

I’m a homeschooling mother of four who spent more than half a decade being told by hosts of specialists and doctors that I was the “crazy one” (I’m not!) as I searched for answers to two of my children’s mysterious and seemingly random health ailments.  As we hit dead end after dead end, I kept coming back to my theory that it was all tied to gluten, and I kept waiting for a doctor to agree.  In May of 2010, thanks to a pile of books and a knowledgeable nurse from afar, we finally learned that they had gluten intolerance.  (For that story, see the kids’ health history Part One & Part Two).

Since that realization, we have become an entirely gluten-free household.  Neither my husband nor I consume gluten.  Our toddler has never had gluten (nor any noteworthy health concerns of any kind).  All of our children follow the GF diet.  We all feel better, healthier, more energetic.

Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are almost exclusively prepared and served at home.  I’m the kind of cook that likes to “wing it” in the kitchen, and after repeated successes, my husband asked me to begin writing down my recipes — especially for my baked goods, an area where most GF items are lacking.  I have quite a notebook of handwritten recipes that I will be posting in the coming months.

I’m certainly no gourmet chef; I’m a real mom who doesn’t worry about serving hot-dogs, potato chips, and applesauce from time to time, and calling it a “meal.”  But most of what I serve is healthy, EASY, organic, and generally additive-free.

Living in an entirely gluten-free household with a family of 6 has posed some unique challenges, but it’s been a fun experience.  I’ve loved watching my children thrive and grow in the gluten-free life, and am honestly looking forward to our gluten-free future.

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