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Health & History

Feeling disenchanted.

My 4 year old gluten-girl has been suffering from stomach-aches for a few months now, and my concern was that she had additional food issues that we were unaware of.  I scheduled an appointment with the allergist back in December of 2010 to do food allergy testing.  At that appointment, they said “She’s still so … Continue reading »

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Sick Kids & Medicine Rants

As of Thursday morning, I’ve got 3 kids with Strep Throat.  I was suspicious Wednesday night, and my assumption was confirmed by the doctor the next day.  In addition, my little 4 year old GF girl has been having breathing troubles; lots of coughing fits, wheezing, congestion… the kind of stuff that generally eventually lands … Continue reading »

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“The Complete List”

While I’m still on a Healthier Without Wheat kick, I thought I’d take a moment today to talk about “the complete list.”  More than 200 problems associated with gluten intolerance, in 13 different categories: digestive, skin, emotional, physical well-being, mind/neurological, musculoskeletal, respiratory, head, women’s health, autoimmune, chromosomal defects, malignancies/cancer, and “miscellaneous” are listed in chapter … Continue reading »

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What I Wish I’d Known – Gluten Intolerance Testing

The Celiac testing process for my two children was a very difficult road for us to travel.  Few doctors, even specialists, seemed to really know what they were looking for, and what their tests meant.  It was all part of the information gathering stage that was necessary for an official diagnosis.  “The blood-tests by themselves … Continue reading »

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The kids’ history: Part 2

Click here to read the first half of our story…. Another year went by.  Our youngest daughter started having digestive problems.  Extreme constipation.  EXTREME.  She also developed regular asthmatic symptoms and was making several trips to the ER a year.  (She had, in fact, used steroids and nebulizers regularly since she was 6 months old). … Continue reading »

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Why we’re gluten-free: The kids’ history

I have tried to find a way to tell the unique, individual stories of my childrens’ journey to gluten-free diets, and every time I sit down to write, the details become so intertwined that there’s no way to tell one story without telling the other.  And so, I will begin with the beginning…. In 2004, … Continue reading »

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