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I Can’t Pretend I Don’t Hear the Train.

Some weeks ago, I read the story of a man who grew up in Nazi Germany. Each Sunday when he went to church, a train would go by. It didn’t take long before the church members realized there were cries and screams of desperation pouring from the cars – train cars full of Jews, roaring … Continue reading »

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The Efficient (or LAZY) Guide to Holiday Simplicity

We have, by some standards, a large family.  I’m deviating from my normal postings of all-things-Meghan, or gluten-free food — and sharing my brilliant lazy tips for simplifying Christmas. I don’t do ribbons or bows.  At all.  I don’t do gift tags.  Most of the gifts under our tree aren’t even labeled.  I buy four … Continue reading »

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Orphanage Thoughts on a Cold Day

We’ve been homebound with snow and ice for a few days, and I’ve spent a large part of the day thinking about Meghan’s history, about winter and holidays, about orphans.   * Our little girl came from an orphanage with limited heat, some rooms completely unheated.  Last year was record-breakingly cold.  I know her orphanage … Continue reading »

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3 months and counting

Brief updates on life with Meghan and the other kiddos… Meghan is making great strides every week.  She’s becoming more secure, more confident.  She’s happier, more interactive, and more trusting.  She’s also more likely to throw little fits when she doesn’t get her way – or start squawking if she thinks we haven’t been paying … Continue reading »

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Picnics & Peer Pressure

As homeschoolers, I figured our gluten-free lifestyle would be easier – and I’m sure that overall it is… but already I’m seeing the effects of peers (and more surprisingly, parents) on my son and what he’s willing to eat. About two weeks ago, we had a group picnic with about 80 other people.  I packed our … Continue reading »

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