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Forest: Day 2 and beyond

Now at the laptop, which makes for easier typing, but no photo access. I’m looking forward to being stateside. ūüôā Day Two: Adoption Finalization Day At 7:15am my husband called our guide to find out what time we needed to be ready for Adoption Finalization appointments…. 8am! We had not had breakfast, had not assembled … Continue reading »

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Forest: The First Four Days

Part One – because I’m too tired to do all four days in one fell swoop. Also, I’m posting from my phone and can’t rotate pictures I’m uploading. So there’s that too. We’ve been on limited Internet the whole time we’ve been gone, and still working on the whole VPN thing so I can access … Continue reading »

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Thursday & Friday in China, and Saturday Travels

It’s 4:30 am at home in the US. I’m on neither China-time (5:30 pm) nor US time! ¬†Everyone else is still sound asleep, including one new citizen 3 year old. ūüôā Thursday. ¬†We slept in a bit before heading down to the watermelon and rice buffet. ¬†My husband discovered the bacon around this time, so … Continue reading »

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A Beautiful Sunday Among Friends

What a wonderful day. We ventured out of the hotel around noon, in search of lunch. ¬†Walked around the block – uncertain of which restaurant to try – when we ran into some folks we’d met back at the airport-to-Zhengzhou. (They are military family, previously based in our state). ¬†They said they were on their … Continue reading »

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10 More Random China Things

* The street sweepers (vehicles) play music as they drive down the road. ¬†Just like the ice cream trucks back home. ¬†The one in Zhengzhou drives up and down the street playing “Happy Birthday.” * Restaurants are really cheap – but they charge for everything. ¬†Oh, you want napkins? ¬†That’ll be 2 yuan, please. * … Continue reading »

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M’s First Flight, Travel Medical Appt, and Germs

Friday we had nothing to do but get M’s passport, and get to the airport for our flight to Guangzhou, where the US consulate is. ¬†Well…..the computer system was down at the Xuchang PD, so no passports were printed. ¬†We had to come to GZ without the passport, but they say they’ll mail it to … Continue reading »

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Day 3 in China, Day 1 in Zhengzhou

Breakfast at 6:30 this morning, met our wonderful guide at 7:30 to leave for the airport to fly into Meghan’s province.¬† After yesterday’s crazy high humidity and heat (and some seriously frizzed-out hair), I opted to go make-up free, comfy travel clothes, and hair in a ponytail.¬† Flight was scheduled for 10:15.¬† (I love Chinese … Continue reading »

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A few quick picks from today

Going to dart out the door to Wu-Mart before it gets dark.¬† Just a handful of pics and short descriptions… At the Great Wall.¬† Our guide told us afterward that she’d taken us to the steepest, most treacherous portion – only for those really up for a challenge.¬† Next time we’ll take the cabled portion, … Continue reading »

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And we wonder why we’re fat.

I heard a statistic earlier this week – only one state in the entire US has an obesity rate of less than 20%, and that one state (Colorado) is sitting pretty¬†at 19.8%.¬†¬†While it sure beats the high (Mississippi at 34.4%, or¬†a little¬†more than¬†1 in 3), I don’t know that 19.8% is a number to be … Continue reading »

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Naked Burritos

Tonight’s dinner –¬†a family favorite.¬† We often take advantage of Qdoba’s “naked burritos” and all their fixings when we need a quick GF meal out and about.¬† Doing them at home is super easy,¬†and with a houseful of picky and particular eaters, this allows for complete meal customization.¬† Ingredients can¬†include: Rice with lime and cilantro … Continue reading »

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